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Access Control Systems

Regulate or restrict movement into and throughout your premises

Our access control systems help protect your assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors

The main function of an access control system is to regulate or restrict movement into and throughout your premises, however there are many more features available as standard in most solutions, which make it a vital element of any security management system.

Access Control Features

  • Biometric reader integration for enhanced restrictions

  • Anti Passback

  • Visitor Management

  • Enhanced reporting, such as occupancy reports

  • Key management system integration

  • CCTV and intruder integration for full cause and effect

  • Fire roll call

  • Touchless solutions

  • Mobile credentials

  • Visitor Management

  • Cloud options

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The advantages of Access Control Systems

Customise Access

You can limit and personalise access to specific areas to only a few people, as well as grant temporary access to visitors. 

Remove the need for keys

Issuing new keys or changing locks has always been problematic. Access control systems completely remove these issues.

Gain knowledge

Access reports will show who’s entering and exiting your building at all times. And that's from wherever you are, remote or on-site.

Easy integrations

We can help your access control system integrate with other security systems, such as intrusion, video surveillance, HR databases, badging and visitor entry systems.

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The benefits of cloud-based security

We are experts in installing the right Access Control system for your organisation

From standalone door entry systems to large scale networked access control systems, we can provide you with the full lifecycle of services you need.

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