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Cloud Based Security Systems

Protect your people and premises without the need for on premise servers

Cloud based systems enable you to protect your people and assets through a single web interface, without the need for on premise servers

Many companies are now opting for cloud-based security systems due to the flexibility and features they can provide. Cloud security solutions refer to a fully hosted, cloud-based electronic security system, the brains of which reside in a data centre. They are also known as ACaaS (Access Control as a service) or VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a service). This service typically includes video recording, storage, application and database hosting, remote viewing and administration, management alerts, enhanced cybersecurity and more.

Cloud based security features

  • Serverless applications

  • Remote configuration, management, and deployment

  • Monthly subscription-based model

  • Data insights

  • API Integrations

  • Enhanced cyber security

  • Energy efficiency

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The benefits of cloud-based security

We are experts in installing the right cloud based system for your organisation

We will work with you to understand your needs and make recommendations for your cloud based security to ensure you remain in control.

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