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Exploring CCTV Systems

Modern video surveillance systems offer a wealth of great features to help businesses utilise their security system effectively

Advances in technology mean that CCTV systems can now offer many out of the box intelligent features. In this blog article we look at some of these in further detail.

High-definition video footage

High definition (HD) CCTV security cameras fulfil the need for high resolution imaging, essential for many surveillance purposes. They ensure that the quality of video footage is of a high enough resolution and quality for it to be used both for preventative security surveillance and for evidence purposes. With IP cameras now available from 1 megapixel to 12 megapixel and everything in between, there is a perfect solution for every application. Advances in compression techniques such as H.265 or manufacturer specific such as HDSM smartcodec or zipstream also now mean that bandwidth and storage requirements for HD cameras can be greatly reduced when a system is designed and implemented correctly.

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Advanced analytics


Video analytics is a broad term used for intelligent features now available with most video management solutions. They generally work by processing digital video signals via an algorithm to result in functionality that can assist an operator to use video footage more effectively. Examples of popular analytics include people and object tracking, crowd and loitering detection, people counting, virtual fenceline and motion detection. Historically the processing of the video was always server based, however now can be done within the camera or “at the edge”. There are many benefits to an end user:

  • Security – useful in preventing incidents, theft and damage to property.

  • Operations – Assists in greater productivity of security operators

  • Compliance/ H&S – Ensures compliance to site specific requirements, for example PPE detection on construction sites

  • Integration – Can be linked to smart building management platforms to provide intelligent data

You can find out more by watching the short video below.

Automatic vehicle number plate recognition

number plate.png

ANPR can capture images of moving vehicles, enabling users to monitor registration plates. It is commonly used by the police in order to help identify stolen vehicles and vehicles that are not registered for insurance. But it can be used by businesses in, for example. busy car parks or property entrances where they need to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the premises. Number plates can also be used as a credential to gain automatic access to a site through a car park or barrier without the need to present an access card on a reader.


Alarm generated events

It is no longer the case where a security operator needs to sit and view cameras 24/7 for monitoring purposed. Event based CCTV monitoring utilises a camera system to alert an operator should an event of interest occur. Examples of this include motion detection or virtual intruder zones. In these scenarios, if a certain area of a camera view is activated by a person or object entering, the system will send an alarm to the operator and the associated video footage can also appear in a pop up on screen, enabling the operator to take the appropriate action. The alert can also trigger automated actions such as enabling a light to come on or sounder to annunciate in the area the camera is viewing. Event based monitoring isn’t new, but advances in camera technology are making it an essential part of any security system. You can watch the short video below to find out more.

Facial recognition


Facial Recognition technology has seen one of the biggest developments in recent times in terms of its accuracy and is the perfect feature for businesses that require a comprehensive and proactive security protection. It works by using biometrics to distinguish facial features from a video or photo stored in a database to find a potential match and can be used to assist with common security functions such as identifying criminals or finding missing people.

Review and monitoring through mobile apps

Mobile apps are a great addition to your security management system. As well as being able to remotely log into your system application and watch live or recorded footage, you are also notified if there is a problem with your system. So, if for any reason your system stopped recording for a second you would be the first to know. Without the app, you may not know when a problem has occurred. Apps provide an enhanced sense of security and control to users.


Summing up

Developments in CCTV technology ensure businesses have a wide range of solutions available to them. At Nexus, we use technology from some of the industries leading providers, including Avigilon, Milestone, Axis, Hanwha Techwin, Eagle Eye Networks, IDIS and Morphean. We are greatly experienced in delivering CCTV systems for all types of size and budget, whether it be a single CCTV camera or a complex video surveillance system. If you would like to find out more then please just get in touch.

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