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Intruder Alarms

Help protect your business and prevent unwelcome guests

A professionally installed and maintained intruder or burglar alarm system is one of the best ways to prevent intrusion

They act as a deterrent, as well as providing warning notifications in the event of a triggered alarm either via an on-phone app or through an alarm receiving centre. They are a cost-effective way to keep your home or business protected around the clock.

Intruder Alarm Features

  • Mobile applications for remote management, such as set and unset

  • Wired or wireless systems

  • GPRS, ethernet and PSTN communications

  • Remote monitoring

  • Police or third-party response

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The advantages of Intruder Alarms

Deter intruders

An obvious one, intruder alarm systems work as a deterrent to any potential intruders, helping to stop crime before it occurs. 

Tailored for you

Every business has different needs. So, that's why our intruder alarm systems are individually tailored to your specific needs.

Integration friendly

The intruder systems we install at Nexus Security Solutions can sync with other third-party solutions, so you can have one centralised system.

Providing peace of mind

Even when you are not in the building you can have the peace of mind that your employees, assets and the building itself are protected.

We are experts in installing the right Intruder Alarm Systems for your organisation

If you are thinking of installing an intruder or burglar alarm at your premises, Nexus can guide you through the whole process, from design to ongoing maintenance.

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