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Focus On Commend

In the latest of our Focus On articles, following the completion of a successful IP intercom system expansion and upgrade project, we look at the top five reasons why we often recommend Commend’s products to our clients. Whatever sector your business is in, be it high security, commercial, manufacturing, education, retail, healthcare, or indeed many others, Commend has a wide range of high-end products available.

Number 1: Outstanding Build Quality and Longevity

Exceptional quality, state of the art design, reliability, commitment to longevity and product development, ensures that a Commend Intercom solution is a lifetime investment in communication. We often come across systems that are 15-20 years old and still functioning perfectly well. And that’s a true testament to their product.

Number 2: Product Choice

Whether it be an intercom disabled refuge or unified public address system, Commend has the products in their portfolio to cater for all scenarios. Their long list of leading access control and VMS system integration partners is impressive. This makes them incredibly helpful for our team when designing unified solutions for our clients.

Number 3: High Quality Audio

Commend’s products all offer high-definition, high-quality audio. For over 40 years, they have been researching and perfecting speech quality. Even in extreme conditions, with lots of background noise, Commend utilise numerous audio features to ensure that simultaneous loud speaking and listening remains crystal clear. They really do have a passion for audio.

Number 4: Cyber Security

Commend has made cyber security a top priority. Their policy of “privacy and security by design” ensures that their solutions are developed with security and data protection in mind, so you can be assured that your data and network remain protected. As they themselves say: “Security and data protection are rooted in trust. People will accept and use solutions and services only if they are trustworthy.”

Number 5: Cloud Platform

Symphony is Commend’s new cloud platform, and it signals the beginning of a new era in communications technology. Like the name suggests, symphony conducts networked cloud services to make buildings smarter and more secure. With cloud native intercom stations available and device management via a mobile app or web browser, it’s never been easier to transition to the cloud.

In Conclusion

Commend really do offer some of the best products on the market. They perfectly balance a wide range of products with quality throughout their catalogue. And we are always delighted to use them with our clients. You can check them out here.

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