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Focus on Gallagher

In the latest of our Focus on articles, on the back of a refresher course for our engineers in their design training, we look at the top five reasons why we often recommend Gallagher products to our clients. Whatever sector your business is in, be it commercial, manufacturing, education, retail, healthcare, or indeed many others, Gallagher have a wide range of high-end products available.

Number 1: Cyber Security

Specialist Gallagher products are approved for use by the Centre of Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), the lead authority for physical security, as well as being CAPPS approved. This demonstrates Gallagher has strong and effective cyber mitigations at the core of their development and operation.

Number 2: Ease of installation

The Gallagher Command Centre, coupled with their 6000 controller, eliminates the need for a separate intruder alarm system to be installed alongside the access control system. In addition, The Gallagher product range conforms with EN50131 for intruder alarms and BS8243 for confirmed alarms.

Number 3: Attack prevention

All Gallagher HBUS devices, including T Series Readers, maintain a heartbeat to generate an alert within the system should the device be taken offline, and to protect against a wide range of potential attack methods. All HBUS communications are fully encrypted.

Number 4: Efficiency and cost savings

The Gallagher building automation systems use the BACnet protocol, which provides opportunities for significant cost and energy savings in relation to smart buildings.

Step 5: Third party integration

The Gallagher API’s are easy to access and provide a set of HTTP functions which developers can use to query the Command Centre database, allowing a site to quickly and cost effectively integrate third party systems to Command Centre.

In conclusion

Gallagher products off some first-class features. They focus on their end-users and make their systems straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. If this sounds like the sort of set-up you would value, we’d love to tell you more.

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