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The role of integrated security systems in smart buildings

Integrated security systems can play a pivotal role in smart buildings. Aside from keeping people and assets safe and secure, they help to drive operational efficiency and sustainability, as well as reduce costs. And that’s not only on an initial project outlay, but throughout the lifecycle of the system. Here’s our top five reasons for why we think they are a must for businesses.

Number 1: Visitor efficiency

A QR code-based visitor management system linked with an email service (outlook, gmail etc) can enable temporary access credentials to be automatically issued to visitors that they can use to enter through access-controlled areas of a building. Further interfaced with a lift destination system, it streamlines the visitor check in process and saves a vast amount of time for reception or manned guarding operatives.

Number 2: Visibility of your systems

Building automation and control systems integration with your security system can ensure that you always have visibility of your Building Management Services. Allowing you to ensure that they are operating correctly or not consuming power or resources when not required.

Number 3: Amazing automations

The person/ Occupancy Count feature on many access control systems can automate an action when the last occupant badges out of a specific area. For example, to turn the lights or the heating off. Very relevant with the way energy costs are heading at the moment.

Number 4: Immediate response

Some features of video or audio analytics such as fire/ smoke or gunshot detection can prove to be invaluable in certain scenarios inside a building or critical environment, and can automatically trigger an action to raise an alarm, lockdown or further action

Number 5: Valuable insights

The vast amount of data produced by access control or CCTV systems can be analysed and used to make business decisions. It can provide insights into how a building is utilised such as high footfall or busy times of the day which can drive staffing requirements in certain departments.

In conclusion

Not matter what the application is, one thing is for sure. With the technology now available to us, and many manufacturers making their API’s available, there really are some clever and innovative solutions out there which can make a real difference to your building, as well as your bottom line.

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