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Security Gates, Barriers and Blockers

Help control entry into your premises

The first line of defence in your perimeter security protection

Security gates, barriers and vehicle blockers are the first line of defence in your perimeter security protection and are often are controlled by an electronic security management system. Physical measures combined with electronic systems greatly reduce the risks of attack, vandalism or terrorism.

Through our approved third-party manufacturers, we can supply and install turnkey solutions

  • Security Gates (Bifold and Sliding)

  • Security Barriers

  • Vehicle Barriers

  • Bollards

  • Blockers and Hostile Vehicle Management


The advantages of gates, barriers and bollards

Extra security

Barriers and bollards are a means of protecting your business both inside and out. They’ll prevent any vehicle theft from your property or site exits and they’ll stop any unauthorised vehicles and would-be thieves from entering these areas 


Unlike other types of bollards, automatic ones are also more convenient and don’t require any manual effort on your part to move them.

Improved safety

By being able to control your gates or automatic bollards it means any drivers who want to get on to your property will have to either stop or slow down. In turn, this means you’re less likely to suffer any damage to your buildings from careless drivers and your  access points will be much safer. 

We are experts in installing the right gates, barriers and bollards for your organisation

If you are thinking of installing security gates, barriers or vehicle blockers, need some initial advice or require a free, no obligation survey then get in touch.

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