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Turnstiles and Speedlanes

Extra security protection inside your buildings

Turnstiles and speedlanes provide an additional layer of physical protection either on the perimeter or inside your premises

They are often are controlled by an electronic security management system. Physical measures combined with electronic systems greatly reduce the risks of attack, vandalism or terrorism.

Through our approved third-party manufacturers, we can supply and install turnkey solutions

  • Security Turnstiles

  • Security Speedlanes

  • External Security Turnstiles

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The advantages of security turnstiles and speedlanes

Improved security

Turnstiles provide superior access control by both restricting and deterring unauthorised entries. When entering a facility, often the first point of entry is through a door. Unlike doors, turnstiles can limit the number of people who can enter or exit on each presented credential and control the direction of passage.

Access Control Integration

Integration with an access control system allows turnstiles to work in conjunction with doors, cameras and other security equipment to ensure only specific cleared individuals are using the entry. It can provide useful information such as the specific identity, time and location of each person who entered and exited the facility.


Turnstiles accommodate a wide array of credential readers, allowing facilities the option of using virtually any type of media to authorise entry, including barcodes, magnetic stripe, proximity cards or biometrics. Readers installed with the turnstiles allow users to present their own credentials to gain entry.

We are experts in installing the right turnstiles and speedlanes for your organisation

If you are thinking of installing turnstiles or speedlanes, need some initial advice or require a free, no obligation survey then get in touch.

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