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Focus on Hanwha Techwin

In the latest of our focus on series, we look at the top five reasons why we often recommend products from Leading supplier Hanwha Techwin.

Number 1

Hanwha Techwin manufacture their own chipsets and lenses, which offer best-in-class image processing technology. This also means that they have significantly reduced lead times, an issue that is affecting many other product providers on the back of the current global shortage.

Number 2

Their products offer true end-to-end cyber security. Forgive the overly technical language, but they use Wisenet 7 technology which uses different filters for motion and still areas, and more than satisfies the stringent UL CAP standards and the Secure By Default approach recommend by the UK government.

Number 3

Their products are compliant with the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA).

Number 4

They use Wisestream II, unique video compression technology that can reduce data amounts by up to 99% when combined with H265 compression. This helps with data transfer and management.

Number 5

Their cameras offer a wide range of innovative features as standard and also provide the ability to integrate multiple third-party analytics applications.

In conclusion

Hanwha Techwin are leaders in their field, and we are delighted to be one of their Silver Partners. It allows us to offer our clients state of the art technology as part of the security solutions we recommend.

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