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What is cloud-based CCTV and why should your organisation have it?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Back in the day, installing and using CCTV was, bluntly, a pain. Cumbersome wiring, bulky servers, multiple monitors, grainy images and the requirement for more VCR players than you can count on two hands’ worth of fingers, meant that having CCTV came with several headaches.

But, these days, as technology advances rapidly, cloud-based CCTV can accomplish more than just provide you with dodgy footage of an incident well after it happened. It can truly protect your organisation from external threats. Which makes it, in our humble opinion, a fundamental part of any organisation’s overall security solution.

So, what is Cloud-based CCTV?

It’s quite simple. Cloud-based CCTV is footage that is managed and stored in the cloud (like most things are these days), rather than on a collection of tapes that the most avid film buff would be proud of. That alone is often reason enough to move to the cloud, but it’s only one of the many benefits. Here are some more:

Prevention, not reaction

Crucially, cloud-based CCTV can potentially allow you to eliminate a security threat entirely before it happens. Proactive video monitoring can take action before a threat materialises, assessing activity within your overall perimeter and sending alerts to your network devices within seconds of detection.

There’s no data loss

With cloud-based CCTV, your data and footage is always available, at the touch of a button.

It’s always up to date

Cloud-based solutions provide the ability to adopt a remote maintenance schedule and professional maintenance is crucial to effective security. The world changes so quickly these days, that keeping on top of emerging threats is critical. Cloud technology means you can always implement changes and it allows maintenance and repairs to be carried out without the need for human intervention. It forever consigns to the pages of history the need for a human to identify and then fix an issue.

It provides long-term value

Cards on the table, upfront costs for cloud-based CCTV systems are likely to be higher than for traditional systems. Yet, in the long-term, their value is indisputable. Legacy systems are just that. Parts are hard to come by, and some of them are like the proverbial gold-dust. And that is only going to get worse over time. And it unquestionably saves money in the long-term. Because with remote access you also won’t have the worry of expensive engineer call outs should something go wrong.

It’s good to talk

Having said all this, we know that different organisations require different solutions. So, if you’d like to find out more about cloud-based solutions then why not take advantage of our completely obligation free consultations, site surveys and estimates. We can come and talk to you about whether cloud-based solutions are right for you and what the implications for your organisation are.

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